Yamaha Ysl200ad M1 Slide Advantage Trombone

Here’s a good deal.  You’ll have fun with this pre-owned Yamaha YSL-200AD Advantage trombone with a M1 slide.  The serial number is 480xxx.  On the counterweight it reads “Yamaha” and “YSL-200AD” w/serial number at the slide connection point. On the slide it reads “Yamaha Made In China M1.”  It has; slick slide, free moving tuning slide, mouthpiece and a Yamaha case.  It has some dents/dings on the back end of the slide (see pic), a ding here and there, scratches from normal wear but, all-in-all, looks solid. (see pics)  Me?  I’m not a store/repairman.  Buy accordingly.  Looking for instruments and getting them into the hands of players is a hobby of mine.  I’m not a t-bone player but can get a nice sound out of it.  That said, like all eBay horns, I’m sure you’ll want to have your tech give it a complete going over/give the works to get in tip-top condition…and am selling as such.  No question, a skilled hand could make it sing.  Get it mint and swing.  Again, it sounds cool.  I’m proud to offer it and you’ll be proud to own it.  Thanks for your interest and best of luck.         

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Location: Franklin, Tennessee 37064
Current Price: $178.00
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