1941 Cg Conn 44h Connqueror ‘vocabell’ Professional Tenor Tromboneelkhart Ind

Straight from our brass (and silver) instrument repair shop, our USED horns are brought back to life…All major dents are removed, joints re-soldered (if needed), patches repaired (if necessary) and the slides reworked.  Our horns may be buffed, but all are hand polished to a good shine and are in good playable condition.  For the collector who is looking for an instrument; we try to keep the original parts whenever possible; if the playability is good, we feel it should be left to the buyer’s discretion to replace parts as desired.  We are proud to offer this refurbished instrument for sale. We have tried to describe it as it is, and have shown what we can in the pictures allowed. We are happy to answer any questions asked.  #38/2017

Up for sale is a 1941 CG Conn 44H Connqueror Vocabell Professional Tenor Trombone made in Elkhart Ind USA. The serial # is 346xxx. The rimless bell is engraved with the usual art deco style on the Vocabell model, although this horn’s engraving is not as sharp as original.  This horn has been hand polished; it is not lacquered, but has a nice golden color and will need to be polished periodically. The 44H has the distinctive slanted braces and is made of yellow brass and nickel plate. There are very few minor dings on the crooks and on mid bell.  There is some light scratching at the grips and pitting on the thumb brace. The slide action is very good and the stockings have very low wear with good compression. The horn comes with a used original case and a mouthpiece(may not be the one pictured). The slide bore is .485/.485, with 7″ bell flare. This is a great lead jazz horn in very nice condition and plays sharp, direct, and bright, with full power.  It has good intonation and slots well. Thanks for looking and check out our other items!

Please note:  We accept returns within two weeks; Buyer pays return shipping. **Please note: if choosing FedEx for shipping, please provide physical address, not PO Box. 

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