1926 Conn 5h(4hoptional High Pitch)trombone In Standard A=440 Pitch W/case,mpc

Silver and Brass Music Shop is a brick-and-mortar brass instrument restoration and repair shop located in Carson City, NV. For more information about our business, please feel free to visit our Ebay Profile at http://www.ebay.com/usr/silver_brass_musicThis is a Conn 5H tenor trombone (serial number 233011). This instrument is 92 years old. This horn was built during a time when it was common to play in “high pitch” and Conn developed several models which were convertible from low to high pitch so that players could use the same horn whenever. If you were to get ahold of a regular Conn 4H tuning slide and put it in this horn, then this horn would be in high pitch. With the longer, more gradual tuning slide this horn is in “Low Pitch” and plays exactly like any other Conn 4H trombone. This instrument plays very well. This horn has a 6 1/2″ “French brass” bell (an alloy Conn was offering at the time, apparently consisting of 71.9% Copper, 24.9% Zinc, 1.2% Tin, 2.0% Lead) and a bore of .485″. As for the aesthetic condition of this horn, there are a few small dings throughout the horn. The bell engraving reads: “MADE BY/ C.G. CONN LTD./ ELKHART-IND/ U.S.A.” The slide section has the serial number and “ ?/ 5H” engraved on it.The slide action is playable, but there are some small imperfections in the tubes and if you are particular about your slide you may want to have these addressed. The stockings are in good condition, but they are old fashioned solid nickel rather than the more modern chrome. This makes the slide a bit less responsive than a modern instrument–but hey, the horn is 92 years old. The slide has very good compression.  This horn is not lacquered; therefore, fingerprints should be wiped off after use if the player wishes for the horn to stay as shiny as it is now; if they are not wiped off then the horn will develop a lovely patina. This trombone comes with a mouthpiece and a somewhat worn case.All horns are located at Silver & Brass Music Shop710 N. Curry St. Carson City, NV89703(775) 301-6289

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