Vtg 1939 Bass King Silvertone 1485s Model Symphony Trombone../ 9″ Sterling Bell

This RARE old STERLING SILVER bell trombone needs a little restoration to be right. It resembles the 1485-S model very closely. In fact, after some extensive researching I am very positive that it is… even though a model number can not be found on it. This is the only “dual bore” Silvertone trombone that I could find like it. I believe that the silver content on this bell may be a bit thicker and heavier than on the later King trombone models. Therefore, this horn may resonate the sound decibels more effectively. The tubing bore size is right at .538″… however the mouthpiece part of the bore has been reduced to .470″. I am aware that they made some .536″ tubing bores back in the day so I’m inclined to believe that it may actually be a .536″ bore. It does have a 9″ bell so it is definately a BASS trombone. The serial no. seems to place this instrument around 1939 if I am correct. There is a crack where the tubing connects to the F attachment ( pic #7 ). The F attachment is moving but it does need some cleaning because it sticks a little.. Some small dings and scratches are on it. A music shop here in Abilene quoted me 390 bucks to fully restore it. They also said that the bell should be pretty easy to restore since it is made of sterling. The slide moves surprisingly well and it does have a couple of very small dings on the inner tubing. The majority of the dents by far are on the outer rim of the bell and on the large tuning slide on the back of the horn. Also, both of the tuning slides did move for me. The serial # 205665 does match on both the slide and the main body. The main trombone slide does not screw together like the modern trombones do. It simply gets pressed into the trombone bore. The case is a little beat up and it looks original. No mouth piece. This equipment may be shipped by another carrier for cost purposes only. Thx for your consideration.

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