Vintage 3b King Concert Trombone

This King 1403 3B Concert Tenor Trombone is a beautiful vintage horn. I’ve owned it since about 2002. The serial number indicates it was built in the 1975-1980 period. .508″ bore, 8″ bell. The lacquer is quite worn, I’m not going to lie. This horn looks its age. But it sounds as sweet as can be. Slide is in perfect shape…I pulled it out for the first time in a few years and didn’t even need to oil it. I’m not excited about selling this horn…it is one of the smoothest sounding instruments I’ve ever played. I just don’t play it enough these days to justify keeping it. An instrument like this deserves to be played!Comes with the original hard body case (and a Schilke 51D mouthpiece if you want it). Asking $1,000 but willing to negotiate with someone who will love this horn.

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Location: Portland, Oregon 97209
Current Price: $600.00
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