King Tempo Nickel Finish Trombone. Brushed Finish And Black Lacquer Trim

King Tempo Nickel-Finish Trombone. One-of-a-kind!This started as a stock Tempo in good condition, but with some cosmetic issues. I’ve never liked the nickel/brass contrast on these, so I lacquered all the brass parts with a black-tinted lacquer. I use Nickolas Bake-on Lacquer–I’m told it’s what Conn-Selmer uses for their new instruments. It’s baked at over 300 degrees, and is quite durable. The bell has a scratch-brush finish, with small swirls that give it a less glossy look. It has been lacquered with the same product. The counterweight uses a vintage King design that has been attached to a King counterweight and encased in clear acrylic.Slide is in excellent alignment, and works very well. There is some pitting and corrosion on the stockings, but they are still smooth. Neckpipe shows some erosion where a previous player’s sweat wore away the lacquer. Neckpipe appears to be solid nickel, unlike some Tempos which had brass neckpipes. Comes in a Conn case that fits it quite well. Note that in bright light, the lacquer has a greenish cast to it. It is transparent lacquer, so the brass still shines through.  Please email with any questions. Note that Ebay, in their wisdom, have included a “best offer” option that I can’t remove. I think this horn is worth more than $250, so please don’t be offended if you submit an offer and I don’t get back to you.

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Location: Moses Lake, Washington 98837
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