King 2b Liberty Valve Trombone Key Of Bb 7 3/8″ Bell

King 2B Liberty Valve TromboneBrassKey BbBell 7 3/8″ With nice sharp engraving. No counterweight.Bore Size .481″Mouthpiece Yamaha 45C2Serial # 384557 Places the manufacturing date between 1960-1965At some point in time the horn was striped of the lacquer, There are still a few spots (dark spots) where there is little lacquer left. I just polished it a little to show the condition. If you would like to polish it further or have it lacquered again is up to you; otherwise it will need a polishing once in a while. Note that there’s a dent on the main tube, and that there are some numbers engraved next to the serial number. The case is in rough cosmetic condition, the latches work. It still protects and carries the trombone well; as it is of sturdy construction.Fantastic 2B sound, and responsive in all registers.Sold As Is. Look at the pictures thoroughly for condition, as NO returns are accepted. To guard against “buyer’sremorse” NO CASH REFUNDS will be issued. Purchase indicates fullacceptance of these terms.

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Location: Chicago, Illinois 60609
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