King 2b Liberty Trombone Silver Plated Good Condition.  Some Dents And Scratches

In middle school I played my friend’s 2b liberty and before I played a note in the thing I thought ewww this thing is old and gross but after I played it I was astounded with the bright sound that came out of it. I asked him what it was and through high school I saved up to purchase this one. My junior and senior years I became very competitive and was making 1st and 2nd chair placements in district, regional, state auditions and I was very excited to be able to purchase this horn my senior year of highschool. I loved this horn and was given compliments on my sound very often. This horn absolutely sings in the high register. I remember standing by the tuner one day and making it from a pedal tone b flat up to a high b flat and almost every pitch was perfect. It had such a solid tone intonation became a bit easier. I also practiced with it almost 2 hours a day so that also helped. You won’t get anywhere without putting in the time and effort. Sadly I haven’t practiced this horn and in the future I will primarily play my Bach 42. I can’t stand to see it sit around and collect dust any longer. This horn needs to be played by someone. If you are a highschool or college student in a jazz band or your playing 1st chair parts this horn will take you to another level of awesome sound! I hope this horn goes into the hands of someone who will play it instead of let it sit around like I did! I’ve played it enough that the slide is still rather good. It’s not refurbished but it plays very well.

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Location: Christiansburg, Virginia 24073
Current Price: $400.00
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