Holton 158 Trombone. Vintage

So, I could tell you just about anything saxophone, but bones…not so much. Picked this gem up in my travels. It appears to be in very good physical condition..save for smallish dent/ abrasion pictured. It has the rose brass bell, silver slide and is model 158. These seem to be pro level horns with the f attachment/key/switch..whatever it’s called! Slide works fine, it goes together well and it makes noise. That’s what I Know…which isn’t a bunch. Serial is 364819. Looks to place this as a 1963 instrument. Engraving isn’t sharp but one can make out holton and the numbers 158. This horn appears to have been well cared for…and well traveled, if all the stickers on the case are any indication. That’s pretty cool in and of itself.I’ll try to answer questions but there’s a good chance you’ll know more than I do. Along those lines, if anyone see’s any error in this description please correct me. Thanks!

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Location: Denver, Colorado 80226
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