Conn 88hcl Trombone Great Shape With Removable Leadpipe

Included are the trombone 
A used case gig bag in good condition

I have a few mouthpieces, if you would like one, just let me know and ill give it for free. If you don’t email me with a request within 6 hours of payment, I will ship without one

In the 1990’s, changes in musical tastes and literature requirements brought about the development of the second generation of 88H trombones. The 88HCL Symphonic Series is the next step in the development of the 88H Series by offering an open wrap design for a free blowing attachment with less resistance that the standard 88H plus a CL2000 Christian Lindberg rotor that removes the slight pop sound that is heard when the rotor is engaged. The CL2000 rotor has a throw that is 40 percent less than a standard F attachment rotor. This rotor is made from anodized aircraft aluminum, making it more touch responsive. The addition of an extra brace just above the rotor and the addition of a choice of heavy (4.5 ounce) or standard (2.1 ounce) weight valve caps allows the CL2000 rotor to be very responsive to the needs of the individual player. The standard cap offers a lively, more focused sound with brighter tones while the heavy cap adds stability for a darker, broader tonal quality.¬†

The story of the C.G. Conn 88H trombone ultimately begins in 1875 with the vision and determination of one man: Colonel C.G. Conn. Founding a band instrument manufacturing company in the small town of Elkhart, Indiana, C.G. Conn quickly became known for his innovative brass designs and became the largest producer of trombones in the United States and earned the lasting reputation as “America’s trombone house.” Carrying on this tradition, the 88H is recognized for its unique tone color and refusal to “break up” even at the most extreme dynamics making it one of the most widely used professional symphonic trombones in the world. The C.G. Conn 88H series. Trombones with a future as bright as their past.

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