Antique 1891 Cg Conn Elkhart Valve Tenor Trombone 7″ Curlabel Dents Barn

What you see is what you get,,no other parts…this is really beat up , hammered, rough.u decide if its worth repairing or a great wall ornament,,,, it will polish up shiny!!do u want it?  whats it worth? ,,my shipping cost is at least $45  to ship in 48 con usa,,, let me know,,, very old,dented scratched etc….not complete!!!Curlabel factory 34 Elkhart IND C.G.Conn.. looks like silver plateon the net,,this info…ebayer notes….this is a tenor trombone not a alto. the factor 34 is just part of the union label. Not the size of the horn. However this is an early Conn trombone, with nice engraving on it. They didn’t start giving trombones H labels until the late 19-teens. C.G. Conn Professional Model 34H Alto Trombone ABOUT THE MODEL 34H

The story of the C.G. Conn trombone ultimately begins in 1875 with the vision and determination of one man: Colonel C.G. Conn. Founding a band instrument manufacturing company in the small town of Elkhart, Indiana, C.G. Conn quickly became known for his innovative brass designs and became the largest producer of trombones in the United States and earned the lasting reputation as “America’s trombone house.” C.G. Conn trombones are recognized for their unique tone color and refusal to “break up” even at the most extreme dynamics making it one of the most widely used professional symphonic trombones in the world. C.G. Conn trombones, a future as bright as their past.

 FEATURESThe C.G. Conn model 34H Eb alto trombone features a 7″ yellow brass bell designed for excellent resonance and projection. The .491″/.500′ dual-bore handslide design provides an ease of response and open feel. The clear lacquer finish provides a subtle warmth to the overall sound. The C.G. Conn model 34H alto trombone is designed for the player looking for a high performance alto trombone with slide positions in the same relative positions as a tenor trombone. Available in silver-plate finish as model 34HSP. TECH SPECS

  • Key of Eb
  • .491/.500″ dual bore
  • 7″ yellow brass bell
  • Brass outer slide
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • C.G. Conn 7C mouthpiece
  • 7536C woodshell case.


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