1928 Conn “artistballroom” Model 22h Trombone, 9.9 Out Of Ten

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This gorgeous vintage Conn showed up at the front counter last week and it’s taken me a few days to research what it is….

I looked in my copy of Conn’s 1926 catalog, did not find a “model 22H”.

Looked further, in my copy of Conn’s 1928 catalog, note that this model is designated “Artist-Ballroom Model”.

It seems it was Conn’s absolute “top of the line” in 1928 and was available in a few different options, including gold brass or with silver bell.

It’s unique in that the inner slide is chrome (not nickel) plated and is in very fine original condition.  A small worn spot, maybe half the size of a dime, is on the lowest part of the lower inner slide.

Outer slide is perfect.  Perfect.

Bell diameter is 7.0 inches and the bore size is quite small, at .458 inches….about the same as a modern Bach 180ML trumpet.

Which means this superb vintage trombone is NOT for everyone. 

PERFECT for Dixieland, for Paul Whiteman late twenties original instrument ensembles.

NO LACQUER to the gold brass. In 1928, Conn had not yet started to lacquer brasses. Not for a couple of years.

Seamed construction to the bell-flare, which means rather nice handwork.

Everything original, including the case.

DON’T please confuse with the later “Conn Director 22H”, a good student-quality tbone, but not the same as this one!

Serial number 261204, made in Elkhart in 1928.

Conn really did make fine brasses back in the twenties, didn’t they!

Questions?  Write me!  Always happy to hear from trombone players!

2525 East Douglas Avenue
Wichita, KS 67211
Tel: (316) 684-0291; FAX (316) 684-6858


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