Bach Stradivarius Model 36 Trombone W/fattachment

‘We are passionate about providing the best’ VINTAGE – Bach Stradivarius Model 36 Trombone – Manufactured in Elkhart, IN – .525 Bore – Small Shank Receiver – 8″ Yellow Brass Bell – Awesome Horn! Model Model 36 Description Medium bore slide (0.525?) with large bore bell.For the first trombone work in large symphony or concert orchestras. Remarkable high register so essential for modern symphony work. Beautiful, broad and sonorous tone, full of life. Abundant tone-volume and carrying power. No risk of over blowing this instrument as there is no player with sufficient power to reach the limit of its fortissimo. Comes with originial case but no mouthpiece. Condition This instrument is an 6.5 out of 10. It shows signs of wear which is normal for its age and has some cosmetic dings and dents. It is in great playing condition. History Bach started producing trombones in the 1932’s in New York with their Model 16. The earliest horns wear the New York stamp on the bell. It was here that the early development proved Bach was a serious and talented craftsman. As the popularity for his product grew, he expanded production to Mt. Vernon, NY. It was here that many believe the most magical instruments finally came to life. In fact the quality of his later Mt. Vernon instruments was so incredible, it was one of the most driving factors to Vincent Bach being purchased by the Selmer company in the 1960’s. In an effort to carry on his legacy, he agreed to sell to Selmer, and made it a priority for him to re-locate not only the factory, but himself to Elkhart, IN in 1965 to oversee production, and ensure the instruments bearing his name, would maintain the quality he worked so hard to establish. In fact many people might argue that these earliest Elkhart Bach trumpets, may be even slightly better than some of the later Mt. Vernon trumpets simply because of the close attention Vincent Bach put into Quality Control. Specifications .525 Bore – 8″ Yellow Brass Bell – Small Shank receiver – F-Attachment Conclusion A Special letter from our President and Founder: Thank you so much for taking the time to view our auction. My staff and I take great pride in what we do. Over the years this industry has changed drastically. Mom and Pop shops are nearly a thing of the past, and with that our industry bleeds. We are striving to preserve the character of a true American pastime. I started my shop in the basement of my house back in 2004 with a vision that no matter what the odds, I would be able to provide musicians and families around the world with the same care and attention that seems to be disappearing. There is no reason that because you are purchasing an item on the internet that the store you are working with shouldn’t treat you with the same respect as if you live in our neighborhood and walked in our door. I am proud to say that my staff also believes in offering this positive one-on-one experience. We are blessed to have grown into the company we are today. We are all passionate about what we do. It is important for you to know that each and every customer we deal with is very important to keeping my mission a reality. We are here to help and offer our expertise to make your experience the best we possibly can. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask us!! We take great pride in our positive feedback on eBay and strive to continue the experiences we’ve shared with past customers with you! If you know anyone interested in purchasing musical equipment, or are in need of repair service, we hope you might consider helping to spread the word about what we do. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Michael T. Corrigan President B.A.C. Horn Doctor LLC Terms We appreciate you taking the time to read all of our terms prior to bidding. We WILL accept international bidding. Shipping in the lower 48 U.S. will be $40.00. Insurance covering the winning bid amount or purchase price is included with our shipping price. International Shipping costs will vary. With larger items (trumpets, saxophones, trombones) one may expect at least $40.00 to most locations. Mouthpieces and small accessories typically run approx. $18-$25 depending on the destination. Again, Insurance covering the winning price is included. We accept: PayPal, all forms of Major Credit Card, and direct money wire transfers. RETURN POLICY: All instruments are sold as is and we will only issue returns if the instrument was damaged during shipping or if the instrument was grossly misrepresented in its descriptions and pictures. We will also only accept returns if it is within 7 days or receipt of the instrument and if authorized by a B.A.C. Representative. If you have any questions about our new policy please feel free to contact us. CUSTOMS POLICY: Please do not ask us to commit Customs Fraud — we WILL NOT alter any of our shipping paperwork or monetary receipts for the purpose of evading or minimizing international import taxes. We encourage you to build any customs and taxes into your high bid. (for example, if your budget is $200 and it will cost $45 to import that item, please bid $155 knowing that the rest of your budget will go toward the import of the item.) Again, we have an excellent feedback rating. We have one of the best ratings in the eBay community for accurate descriptions — we go the extra mile taking many high resolution photos to win your confidence in our description. If there are any questions at all, please do not hesitate to use the “Question and Answer” feature attached to this listing prior to bidding. We pride ourselves in the ability to accurately respond to these questions promptly. B.A.C. Horn Doctor Inc. is a qualified professional service center and employs knowledgeable musicians and experts in vintage instruments. While on occasion we may miss something, we ask that you read the entire description. If you have any questions at all or information that would further enhance our auctions, please email us at info(at)bacmusic(dot)com. Good luck and happy bidding!! Photos

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