Vintage King H. N. White Silver Tone Trombone Fantastic

King H. N. White Silver Tone Trombone Fantastic


Serial Number: 128173 Crafted in 1931

Finish:  Silver Plate


Bore: Medium .461
and .481 (Dual Bore see Catalog page)


Bell Diameter: 
7 Inches


Mouthpiece: HN White #28


Case:  HN White
Manufactured French style case


Trombone Background:


In every nook and corner of the world where trombones are
used, you will find “King” Trombones and satisfied owners.  The “King” was an outstanding
Trombone from the first one made, because it embodied new ideas, improved
construction, finer workmanship and helped the trombonist to do better work
with less effort, and produce some effects he could not do before.


With the latest improvements- dual bore, light weight,
easier and faster working slides, more volume and ease of playing in the upper
register, perfect intonation and wonderful tone (such as only a
“King” has), the improved balance and easier working slide in the 7th
position, makes it the ideal Trombone.  –The 1929 Complete King Catalog


Trombone Condition:

For sale by The H. N. White Company LLC, this magnificent Trombone with
its solid sterling silver bell is one of the greatest trombones made by The H.
N. White Company. The solid Sterling silver bell is a true work of art.  The body of the Trombone is in great shape but
does have some small flaws.  The slide
operates smoothly in all positions.  There
are no deep scratches on the body of the trombone.  The trombone has two very small dings that
would not show up on the pictures.  
Both sections are stamped with the appropriately matched serial numbers.  According to the original owners son this
Trombone was restored in the 1950’s by The HN White Company.

The Silver Plate finish is nearly perfect (98%.

The gold leaf is perfect.

The engraving is crisp and clear.

Gold wash in the bell is about 100% perfect.

The trombone has two very small dings that would
not show up on the pictures.

There is no plating wear on the trombone.

The slides are original to the trombone.

The slide is a nine out of ten.

All serial numbers match.

This Trombone does not have a slide lock, see

This Trombone does not have a bell/slide lock,
see pictures.

The case is in good condition but is starting to
show its age. 

The HN White made case is in good shape for its age.  The exterior of the case is in good
condition.  The interior has faded and some
of the material needs glued.

The slide has been serviced by The Slide Doctor so you can buy with
confidence knowing that it is ready to perform. 
Please keep in mind that this is an eighty year old vintage trombone and
the slide does not play as nice as later models.

This trombone sounds fantastic and is in unbelievable condition and ready to

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