Holton Collegiate Tr602 Trombone W/case & 2 Mouthpieces, 73/8″ Bell 0.52″ Bore

Another item from GNL Designs, Great Northern Liquidation, Springfield, Vermont.Holton Collegiate TR602 TromboneMarked COLLEGIATE HOLTON on the bell, and TR602, 820329 next to where the slide is attached.My measurements are as follows: 7-3/8″ Bell and 0.52″ Bore.  Research indicates it should be 7-1/2″ and 0.500, so maybe those numbers are nominal?  I’m reporting a tape measured bell dimension and a non-dial type caliper bore dimension (not as exact, but the measurement was definitely a hair over 0.500 on both slide tubes).Includes the following items:

  • The original hard Case with general wear from previous use, weak hinges, and the rotating bars inside don’t hold the instrument parts in place very well
  • Vincent Bach Corp 5C Mouthpiece, gunmetal finish, decent physical condition
  • Vincent Bach Corp Mt. Vernon NY 10-1/2C mouthpiece, looks nickel plated, decent physical condition

The trombone makes sound when the slide and mouthpiece are mounted.  I am not a player, so I can’t speak to how well it plays. The slide seems easy to move, but I wouldn’t necessarily know the difference.Physically, it seems to be in decent condition overall, despite a bump to the bell edge and a few small dings along the narrow part of the bell as shown.  I see some stray dings elsewhere as well.  The finish needs some cleaning and attention on the bell as shown.Unpacked weight & size:  9.6, 36x10x11Packed weight & size:  18, 40x14x15Package Notes & Ref:  OS1 (44#), 7F114

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Location: Springfield, Vermont 05156
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