Conn 6h Trombone

Up for bids is a beautiful Conn 6H trombone with case. The serial # dates this horn to 1972, about the time Conn moved to Abilene, TX. I played a Connstellation made in Abilene for 27 years and while I agree there were some horns made there that weren’t up to Elkhart’s standards, there are others that were. This is one of them. The intonation on this horn is right on. High Bb, D above it, G below it, low B natural. All the notes that we sometimes have trouble finding are spot on with this horn. Lacquer is 99%. As you can see in pic #5 there is a dime size dent and a much smaller one near it, both in very easy locations to take out. If you look with a magnifying glass you might find one or two minuscule other little marks but for a 45 year old horn it’s in beautiful condition. The slide is a typical Conn to me, very good but not a 10. Probably a 9+ with lots of potential. There is NO plating loss on either inner slide. The case is original and also in excellent condition. The horn really does play beautifully and if you tweaked it to your liking it would play as good as any 6H out there. Trombone stand and mouthpiece not included. PayPal only, email with any questions and thanks for looking.

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Location: Orlando, Florida 32828
Current Price: $550.00
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