Yamaha Trombone Ysl354 With Vincent Bach 12c Mouthpiece & Hard Yamaha Case

I bought this at an estate sale, I know nothing about trombones but this one looked to me to be in good shape so I got it, funny story after I got home and looked it over I decided to try to test it since it was in such good shape so I got it together and was blowing my heart out and nothing, I thought it was broke, then my 6 old daughter asked could she try cause she never seen one before and she blew in it and sounded like a blow horn on a ship, scared me to death, lol, but she showed me I was doing it wrong and we marched around the house having a blast, so I can say I know it works, 🙂 , now even though to me it looks to be in good condition I’m going to sell as is because of bad experiences with selling instruments in the past, it does show normal wear from use and age, it has normal scratches or minor dings from normal use, the mouth piece shows some wear but works,  you are getting the item in the pictures, please review the photos and feel free to ask any questions, ill do my best to help anyway I can.  I’m not offering returns on this item so please review the pictures and feel free to ask any questions

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Location: Carrollton, Virginia 23314
Current Price: $390.00
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