Yamaha Allegro Trombone Ysl548 Used Only A Few Months In Great Condition

Yamaha Allegro YSL548GO Intermediate Trombone

A new trombone of this quality would retail over $2400 plus taxes.

In very good condition/ excellent condition.

I bought this trombone brand new for my son and he used it for less than half a school year before dropping out of band. It has a few minor dings and scratches which is completely normal with use. It does not effect the quality of the trombone whatsoever . I tried to capture the scratches and dings as best I could in the photographs.

I took it in to my local music store and had the trombone checked by a professional who said it’s in excellent condition and its an excellent intermediate trombone .

Comes with very nice hard case and with partially used tube of slide grease and partially used tube of slide cream .

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Location: Arizona City, Arizona 85123
Current Price: $849.99
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