Yamaha 2010 Ysl446g Intermediate Trombone. Ftrigger Attachment.

This trombone was purchased brand new in 2010. Rose brass bell looks very sharp and in perfect working condition.It was used in 4 seasons of high school marching band and concert band. season of college marching band and concert band. Apart from normal wear on the slide and scratches on the bell and slide there are some minor scuffs on the back 2 tuning slides from it rubbing up against a stone bleacher but they aren’t bad at all. All in all this horn is still the phenomenal. The slide has been aligned and with some oil it is slick as glass. Trigger needs a little grease but apart from that it’s in perfect working condition. It comes with with the pro PAC case. A tuner and a schilke mouthpiece that is a little larger in diameter. And a smaller diameter mouthpiece to hit notes in a higher register.

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Location: Apison, Tennessee 37302
Current Price: $950.00
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