Vintage King H. N. White “2b” Silver Tone Trombone Player

King H. N. White “2B” Silver Tone Trombone Player!


Serial Number:  199199 Crafted in 1937

Bore: Dual (upper) .481 (lower) .491


Diameter of the Bell: 
7.25 Inch Diameter


Finish: Clear Lacquer.


Mouthpiece: Original
King M21.


Case: Yes, HN White French sytle.


2-B Trombone


King Liberty
Model No. 2-B Trombone has crystal silver outside tube and sleeve.  Tube is drawn all of one piece of metal with
rim at top of slide rolled on.  There are
no soldered joints in this section of the slide.


Inside slide is
made of crystal silver-surface hardened, with piston drawn on one piece with
new perfected bore, improving the open tones in the closed position of slide.


End bow is
expanded to fit outside slide thus eliminating connecting ferrules and reducing
the weight at end of slide, making only two soldered joints in place of four.


This new
construction has eight less soft soldered joints… It looks neater and is a
beautiful piece of workmanship.


The crystal
silver in the outside slide is harder than brass, slips easier, looks better
and will stay bright-will not dent or get sprung or  out of alignment as easily as brass and usual
methods of making slides.


The bore is very
special-producing a finer tone and better intonation which is especially
noticeable on tones in the closed position. 
The response is instantaneous and it plays so much easier.


The slide is so
distinctive, it will immediately appeal to trombone players in both appearance
and playing qualities.  It is the first
slide made with closed position tones so true and clear that it is a revelation
to trombonists when they first try it.


You will marvel
at the wonderful tone and improved intonation, in fact, it is the only trombone
made in tune in the high register (High D and F especially 1st
position and a fine Bb).  It is the
tightest fitting, smoothest working slide ever known.


The King Liberty
Model No. 2-B Trombone with new crystal silver slides, improved bore, single
one-piece drawn on sleeve and piston plays better, is more durable, beautiful
in appearance and is the last word in a perfect slide.—King Catalog of Band Instruments 1938.


Trombone Condition and Information:

For sale by The H. N. White Company LLC, this magnificent Trombone with its
solid sterling silver bell section, is one of the greatest trombones made by
The H. N. White Company.  The engraving
is eye catching and a true work of art.  This
Trombone has been fully restored.  The
lacquer is new.  The body of the Trombone
is in great shape.  The slide operates smoothly, and is in near perfect
condition with regard to its action. 

The slide is smooth and fast in all positions and an ease to play.  The slide has been serviced by The Slide
Doctor and is in ready to play condition. 

The trombone has new clear lacquer 99.9% perfect.

The engraving is crisp and clear.

Gold wash in the bell is new and 100% perfect.

There are no dents on the trombone.

The inner tubes are original and perfect.

The slide is a nine out of ten.

The Trombone has matching serial numbers.

The case is original HN White French style case.

Comes with original hand written receipt.

This trombone plays and sounds great. 
The slide works perfect in all positions and is very fast.  This trombone has a full wonderful tone that
you can only find from an HN White Silver Tone bell!

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