Olds R 20 F Attach (recording) Trombone C. 1957 Fullerton, Ca. (ser.# 256xxx)

Back to school or moving up!!! Don’t rent. Olds trombones are noted for their high quality and innovative design. This is a “top of the line” horn which will serve you well all your playing

Made in Fullerton, Ca. in (approx) 1957 (Ser.# 256xxx) and sold as a tenor/bass horn.
Described in the 1957 Olds catalogue as allowing the full use of the tenor range while having access to the bass register. It features a flat wrapped f attachment and a dual bore ribbed slide.

The f -attachment allows access to the bass register.

The dual bore allows a progressively enlarging bore from mouthpiece to bell. Starting at a traditional small bore diameter and ending at a medium bore.

The ribbed inner slide tubes are designed to do a better job of maintaining slide lubrication and are unique to Olds horns of that era.


Bell: 8 1/2″ Re-O-loy (rose colour) brass
Bore: .495/.510
F-trigger: smooth
Original lacquer

Bach 6 1/2 all silver plated mouthpiece
Cleaning rod
Tube of trombonetene for slide

+ Slide is butter smooth – I have used both slide-o- mix and trombonetene
(included) with excellent results. Inner slide tubes are nickel silver.

+ Both Tuning slides operate freely. Main tuning slide and fittings are nickel silver.

+ Finish and case are in good condition, appropriate for a horn that is 70 years old.

+ No dings or dents.

+ There is some deplating on one side of one slide stocking.

+ All latches function correctly, no musty smell.

+ Mouthpiece is used but in virtually new condition.

This is my 2nd, 1st horn – I laid off for 40+ years. Now age has forced me to the lower register so I am concentrating on a bass trombone in concert band, and this horn needs a new home.

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