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Rare Gold plated 1920s King Trombone!Model # 1115Conservatory Symphonywith Artist Special Gold Plate!It took a lot of research to find all theinformation on this particular trombone.The horn has a 8 inch bell, and the boreis .508, at the time was considered large.The horn is actually gold plated. Gold would notattach directly to the brass. It has to be silver plated then gold plated on top of that. In the pictures of the area where it was handled you can see both the silver plate and gold.I would say the gold plate is about 80% good.The horn has tune in slide, and the TIS is free and moves. The slide is free, and the horn plays.There are many students right all over that are playing horns with worse slides than this horn has!There are some minor dents. I have pictured them.This is a rare horn, and would make a great conservation piece! Comes withthe correct size antique Conn mouthpiece.Sorry there is no case, but the itemwill be packaged well.You may not see another like this! Don’t let it get away!

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