Elkhart Conn 88h Tenor Trombone (.547 Large Bore Tenor Trombone W/fattachment)


This horn is a beautiful, vintage Elkhart Conn 88H, that comes with its original case and a mouthpiece.

Mechanically sound, the slide is excellent, action is near perfect, and remarkably, there is no plating loss on the stockings (in my experience this is pretty rare for Elkhart Conns).  Tuning slides move freely and easily, the valve retains its original string linkage which is also free of any problems.

Cosmetically, in excellent condition with no significant dents, only a handful of minor dings on the throat of the bell and on the tuning slide.  The lacquer is in the great shape throughout most of the horn, the key exception being the areas where the slide is gripped (both upper and lower cork barrels), where there is signicant pitting.  Due to the excellent mechanical condition and the pitting, its my guess this horn was played a LOT by someone who took meticulous care of the moving parts.  The pitting could easily be covered with leather hand grips.

Most importantly, the horn is a phenomenal player, as most 88Hs of this vintage.  It plays on the lighter side of the spectrum for a Conn large bore, with a very easy high register.  It's a horn that would be great for a wide variety of players; as an upgrade for an advanced junior high or high school student, for a college music major, gigging professional, or hobbyist.  Large bore horns like this are most at home in a symphony orchestra or symphonic band, but due to its easily colored tone, the Conn is also great for solo work, chamber work, or 4th seat in big band.

The horn comes with its original case (also in very good condition), a Conn counterweight, and a Vincent Bach Corp 6 1/2 AL mouthpiece.  I do not normally include mouthpieces with horns I sell, but am making an exception in this case due to the unusual nature of the mouthpiece: it is stamped "88H" on the throat, which I assume means it was customized to best fit the Remington leadpipe taper.  Additionally, I feel the mouthpiece is just an excellent match for the horn (though I normally like to play something slightly larger, I thought this one was a perfect fit).

I have been playing trombone for nearly 25 years, and have a lot of experience with lots of different horns, so please feel free to pose any questions, and thanks for looking!

Shipping is 100% free!  I ship within 24 hours of payment, and have a 14 day return policy.  I also ship internationally with the global shipping program.


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