Bach 6 Iv Trombone ( York)

 I am selling a Bach 6 IV Trombone. The serial number is #1732, which dates it to around 1940. It has been used quite a lot, so that the slide crook, three brace sockets, one brace tube, and the slide shank were replaced. However, since some Bach parts are interchangeable between models, replacing these parts with identical or similar parts was not a problem. The slide action is excellent and the compression is very good; the plating on the inner slide is still intact. What was left of the lacquer was removed, so the instrument is now raw polished brass. As can be seen in some of the pictures, there are signs of past dent removal and pitting over the years, but at present all dents have been removed. This is an opportunity to obtain a fine instrument that has not been manufactured for a long time. It comes with a generic case, which is in decent shape; it does not come with a mouthpiece.

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Location: New York, New York 10027
Current Price: $1600.00
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