Vintage King H. N. White 3b Concert Trombone Definitive

King H. N. White 3B Concert Trombone Definitive!


Serial Number: 383225 Crafted in 1962.

Finish: Clear Baked
on Lacquer.


Bore: Large .508


Yes, HN White.


Case: Yes, used King case.


Mouthpiece:  None


3B Trombone Background:


The H. N. White King 3B Concert model was designed to meet
the special requirements of the professional dance, recording, and symphony
artist.  The special large bore and
8-inch bell were adopted only after exhaustive tests convinced us that this
combination of bore and bell would produce the full, rich-bodied tonal
characteristics we were seeking.


The H. N. White Company’s reputation for making the very
best professional trombones is well-known. The 3B’s has an easy upper range,
perfect intonation, brilliant tonal qualities that you will not find in similar
horns from the same era!  Simply put this
is one of the best trombones ever made.  –White
Way News Catalog #21, 1965


3B Trombone

For sale by The H. N. White Company LLC, this magnificent King 3B Concert
Trombone is the last of the great trombones made by The H. N. White
Company.  This Trombone has been
restored. This Trombone has new oven baked on lacquer.  Oven baked on lacquer is more durable and
will last longer than just spray on lacquer. The body of the Trombone is in
great shape and has a few small scratches and very small dings. The engraving
is crisp for this era horn. The slide operates smoothly.  All parts of the trombone are stamped with
the appropriately matched serial numbers.

This trombone has been re-lacquered and is now
99.9% perfect.

There are no large dents anywhere on the

The inner tubes do not have any wear on them. 

The inner tubes are original and near perfect.

The slide is a nine out of ten.

This Trombone comes with its original counterweight.

Comes with used King case.

The slide is smooth and fast in all positions and an ease to play.  The slide has been serviced by The Slide
Doctor and has their stamp of approval. 

The HN White 3B concert trombone plays like no other trombone and its range
is simply amazing.  This is the ultimate
trombone for jazz ensemble work and orchestral venues.

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