Nice Lightly Used Conn Director Trombone 16h Ga870034 Nice Case Lot 1760

This listing is for a solid condition trombone. I do not know anything about these so if you have questions please ask. My son plays tuba in the high school band and can play this and it sounds good to me. But then again, what do I know??  Shipping in the U.S. is $29.   Payment is due within 3 days.  I have around 1,000  listings of mostly vintage, antique and unique items. If you like the old or unique stuff, like I do, keep an eye on my listings. I have new listings every week. I go to about 100 auctions a year looking for old and unusual items. Buy with confidence. I have reached 18,000 overall positives with only a handful of impossible to please negatives(you know the type).  I am human and very rarely mistakes happen, just give me a chance to fix it if it does.  I love my California customers but California postal workers seem a little slow. Whenever there is a delay in delivery, it seems to happen around Bell Gardens California. The package always shows up but sometimes there is a delay(small percentage). I just wanted to let you know I have more delays in that state than any other.

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Location: Bruce, South Dakota 57220
Current Price: $129.99
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